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50 Super ideas for a summer cupcake – Part 2

by Sprinkles on July 24, 2010

Colourful cupcakes by Little Bird Bakery

I love this time of the week, sitting down to indulge in a big pile of yummy blogs, featuring lots and lots of summer cupcake ideas.  My only wish is that I had more time to bake all of these myself!

So last week we brought you the first 25 summer cupcake ideas of our two part sensational summer cupcake feature, but do not think they were the best.  We don’t rank them in an order, because how do you compare a crazy silly summer sun to a steamed mango pudding cupcake?  The answer is you can’t it all depends on what you are looking for, so sit back and enjoy the variety!

Oh, and yes you are forgiven if you don’t read all this post, I find it hard to get past the first couple without dashing into the kitchen and throwing all the pots and pans around!

So starting where we left off…

50 Super Summer Cupcake Ideas – Part 2

26. Summer pudding cupcakes

I love it when cupcake creators take on the challenge to convert a traditional cake or pudding in this case into the cupcake size.  Cupcakes are perfect for dinner parties because they can be individually served, but sometimes they don’t seem so classy for a sit down meal.  This cupcake by Cupcake Recipe solves all of that, summer pudding cupcakes are made similar to the traditional summer pudding but in cupcake proportions!

Bikini bears by Bakerella

27. Bikini beach bears

From the formal to the absolute fun!  These bikini beach bears are so adorable and would not be hard to create at home!  Bakerella has created these using Honey Teddy Grahams, but any tiny teddy biscuits would suit.  Add to it some Lifesaver Gummies, Fruit Roll Ups, Small Gumballs and you are set to go!  To find out how she made the sand though you will have to go for a visit!

28. Off to the beach we go

If you are looking for more decorating and beach themed ideas for your next cupcake celebration, then look no further than Fancy Flours’ blog where they have these great crab, turtle, star fish and octopus cupcakes.   Best of all you can download the recipe and instructions from the site as well.

29. A collection

At Debbie Does Cakes, she recently created a post, which contained some of her absolute favourite cupcakes.  We love these for a few reasons, the first is for the rainbow cakes, which would be fantastic at any summer pool party.  The second however is just simply amazing!  Debbie created BBQ cakes for her Dad’s birthday.  These are super, including, BBQ implements on some of the cakes, chicken wings, steaks, burger patties and sausages on the others.  I cannot think of a better BBQ cupcake idea!

30. Life’s a beach

The Sugar Teachers blog features some brilliant cakes, this one is no different, but you may question why we are featuring it here, it is after all not a cupcake but a full sized cake!  Well the answer is simple, if you scroll down to the Life’s a Beach post, you will see that their big summer cake is topped with a sun chair, a beach ball, a couple of sand buckets and a beach umbrella.  Below this, is the step-by-step guide to creating each of these fantastic beach fondant decorations!  So now all you need to do is add one to each of your own cupcakes and you have a full set of summer cupcakes ready your next party!

31. Cakes you can throw on the grill

You read right!  Cakes can be cooked on a grill!  Cake Spy teaches us how to make orange cakes, that is chocolate cakes cooked in an orange shell Absolutely intriguing, this is one summer cupcake that is worth taking a look out.  I can just imagine how yum would they be still hot and soft straight off the grill.

Lemon cardamom chai cupcakes by Baking Bites

32. Lemon adds a refreshing twist

The Baking Bites website is full of all sorts of yummy treats, but I particularly liked these lemon frosted cardamom chai cupcakes.  The cupcakes are vanilla, cardamom and chai tea, and then the inside is lemon frosting.  The lid of the cupcake is then replaced and additional frosting added on top.  After a lunch of fatty sausages and steak, a refreshing cupcake is just what your BBQ needs!

33. If you like Oreos and cheesecake…

Then you are bound to love Bake or Break’s Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes.  I have been searching during the compilation of this post for a cheesecake that represented summer and I think with this one I found it!  Oreos call to mind the images of sitting in the garden with a glass of milk on a summer day, so combined with refreshing cheesecake, you have a winning summer combination.

34. Dark and stormy summer cupcakes

Rachel at Coconut and Lime has created these dark and stormy cupcakes inspired by the alcholic beverage consisting of dark rum and ginger beer.  The drink is as she puts it the unofficial, official drink of Bermuda and is perfect for warm weather.  So as a result of a throw away comment from her husband that they would make a good cupcake she developed the dark and stormy cupcakes.  Best of all she shares the recipe with you on her blog!

35. Fruits of summer

Have you always thought of creating Pineapple-Strawberry Upside Down Cupcakes?  Well now you can.  Thanks to Iron Cupcake Challenge, A Baked Creation made these gorgeous cakes, and they share the recipe with you on their blog.

36. Lemon cupcakes with Champagne glaze

You will always grab my attention on a hot summers day if you offer me a glass of bubbly light cold champagne, so when I found these brilliant cupcakes at I Cook Stuff, I just had to include them in our summer wrap.  Here Bob gives you a full recipe to make these glazed champagne delights.

Ice cream cake by Joy the Baker

37. Get giggling

Joy the Baker is one of those blogs where the writer oozes personality and fun.  Even better though she is brilliant at baking, making her blog one of my favourite.  Early in June she in an attempt to combat the early summer heat went cold on cupcakes! Well you know what I mean!  Ice Cream Cupcakes!

38. Animals on the beach?

In this case it is a surfing monkey cupcake tower.  And what else would you think of when coming up for a summer birthday party theme. Blue Cupcake were challenged with this exact request for a client’s son’s 7th birthday.  The little cupcakes alternate between monkies, surfboards and of course the number seven!

39. Mixed birdie cupcake tower

The Cupcake Artists blog is yummy, full of inspiring cupcake ideas like the hot pink, aqua and purple cupcakes that you will find on the end of this link.  Some of the cakes are topped with stencilled fondant, others with roses and leaves, and the remainder are topped with cute little fondant birdies.  It looks fabulous and would be great for an extravagant summer wedding.

40. Anyone for a tiki party?

These cupcakes would be perfect for a tiki party or a summer Hawaiian party.  The fantastically named ‘Oh, Just Put a Cupcake In It’ blog features these fun bright summery cupcakes.  To me, my favourite has to be the palm tree cupcake, I wonder if they are Maltesers on top?

Seashells cupcakes by the Cupcake Goddess

41. Sea shell cupcakes

Although the Cupcake Goddess no longer resides at this blog address, some of her gorgeous cake creations still do.  I loved her seashell cupcakes made from fondant and dusted with mushroom and oyster dusting colours.  They look so realistic!  In the same post there is also a celebration cupcake with balloons, which would also be perfect for a summer get together.  Two very different, but great ideas for your summer party.

42. Another ultimate BBQ cupcake idea

Cupcake South blog has a collection of simply awesome BBQ cupcake ideas to share.  There are cupcakes topped with burgers, hot dogs and corn in one photo.  Another has super cute grill cupcakes with lolly kebabs (I reckon these would be simple and so much fun to make with children).  Finally there are other little grill kebabs with sausages and chops!

43. Surfy sandy beach themed cupcakes

Cupcakes Gallery has only a few posts but the one we loved included two different types of beach themed cupcakes.  The first was flip flops on sand and the second shells on both sand and water.  Remember a great way to create sand for your beach themed cupcakes is to use crushed or crumbed biscuits!

Daisy cupcakes by Country Living

44. Country living ideas

At the Country Living website they have a heap (21 to be exact) cupcake ideas. Not all of them are summer themed, but there is quite a few in the batch.  My favorite are the edible flower cupcakes which are simply covered with white frosting and then decorated with a couple of fresh flowers.  Edible flowers include Chamomile, Violets, Nasturtiums and  Scented Geraniums.

45. Margarita Cupcakes with Lime Frosting

I cannot tell you how much the Margarita cupcakes from Hostess Blog appeal to me.  With the slice of lime on top, I can hardly keep myself at my computer for wanting to go and whip these little babies up!  What is more these look so easy to create adapting a packet cake mix to achieve the perfect holiday cupcake!

46. Steamed Mango Cupcakes

If you are looking for something different this summer than the standard oven baked cupcakes, or perhaps your house is like mine and the heat of the oven makes being in the kitchen unbearable, then maybe steaming your cupcake may be an idea?  At Baking Fiends Unite, they take on the steamed mango cupcake and include a simple little recipe for you to create it too.

47. A dozen cupcakes for a summer picnic

At A Cupcake Blog they love to feature, as we do, fantastic cupcake ideas.  This one created by BusyLizzieBee is a beautiful example of how you can make bright cheerful and fun cupcakes.  Add little fondant flowers and you are set to entertain.

Luau birthday cupcakes by Hello Cupcake

48. Its just tropical out here!

Super bright yellow, orange, lime and pink, what more could you want for a summer happy birthday.  In fact at Hello Cupcake, Jessica created these bright fun cakes for a Luau first birthday!  You could easily adapt these though for any summer party.  Don’t limit yourself to single color cupcake batter either, go colorful throughout!

49. A splash of summer color

Perhaps you are looking for something to add a splash of color to a pool party or BBQ, but without a crazy amount of food color?  If so the cakes from the Little Bird Bakery may be just what you are looking for.  Bright and fun, with a simple design, they would create a statement at any party!  See the photo at the very top of this post!

50. Let’s go play golf

So this brings us to the last, but by no means the least of our 50 summer cupcakes featured over an epic two weeks! And what better way to round the up, than with a game of golf!  These cupcakes from Jamie of All Trades would be perfect for a summer party, especially if it is for the boys!

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Tempting :)

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