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50 Colorful Cupcakes!

by Sprinkles on September 25, 2010

White Filigree Cupcakes

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue… I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too…

That is right, today is all about colour and I wanted to bring your 50 colorful cupcakes for all occasions!  In each section we will feature at least a couple of one-color ideas, and then a couple of mix ideas, for example white and orange.  This idea guide will provide you inspiration for whatever color combination you are looking for.


1. Snowflake Cupcakes

It is no surprise that when we think of white cupcakes, especially all white cupcakes like these that we think of winter.  These cupcakes from Prudence Pennywise use a white cupcake mix and are then frosted with smooth cream cheese frosting.  On top she has made white chocolate snowflakes by piping melted white chocolate onto baking paper, allowing it to dry, then carefully removing it and placing it on the cupcake.

2.  Snowball Coconut Cupcakes

Another all white cupcake is of course the coconut cupcake, decorated in white frosting and coated liberally with shredded sweetened coconut.  In this case Bakeaholic has used a vanilla cake mix then created her own creamy coconut frosting.  You can find the recipe on her blog.

3. White Filigree Cupcakes with a touch of silver

If you are looking for cupcakes for a fancy occasion like a wedding then these are perfect.  The frosting is piped in a simple swirl and then the top is decorated with a scattering of silver balls.  The cupcake has then been placed in a Fancy Flours filigree cupcake wrapper to complete the look.

4. White and a splash of red

Just Cupcakes in Australia has brought us the stunning and simple combination of white with a splash of red.  Using three different styles of red flowers with silver ball centers she has created a perfect selection of wedding cupcakes.

5. White and blue presents and flowers

The white and blue cupcakes from Only Cupcakes are fantastic.  The cupcakes come originally from Natty Cakes and feature alternating designs.  The first are blue flowers with a white icing circle and small flower on the inside.  The second are blue fondant presents wrapped with a perfect white ribbon and bow.


6. Yellow cupcakes

After baking a batch of yellow cupcakes, The Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz decided that simple was best and decorated the cupcakes with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar and yellow roses. Of course an alternative to this would be to frost the cupcakes in pale yellow and use a stronger yellow fondant to mould your icing flowers.

7. Bright Yellow Wedding Cupcakes

The Weddingistas website is an idea extravaganza for a wedding, and one of their posts looks at the latest colors for weddings, albeit from spring 2009.  The vibrant yellow cupcakes here cannot be beat and teamed with black table decorations, big bright daisys and yellow, black and white licorice allsorts it is one vivid shot!

8. Passionfruit Cupcakes

Unfortunately there is no recipe for this Passionfruit cupcake from I-Heart-Cupcakes.  The cupcake is actually from London Cupcake specialist ‘Lola’s’ and is described as having “a light, tangy citrus cupcake sponge, bursting with a divine passion fruit curd and delicately topped with heavenly peaks of crisp meringue with a fabulously chewy centre”.  Sound great, sort of a lemon meringue cupcake but the lemon has been replaced with passionfruit.

9. Yellow and pink Lattice Cupcakes

The Dainty Indulgence blog has some very pretty predominantly yellow and pink lattice cupcakes.  To limit the colour scheme to the two colors replace the blue flowers as shown in the image with yellow ones on the pink lattice.  The cupcakes are raspberry and white chocolate with a white chocolate ganache and fondant topping then ove-rpiped with the lattice and embellished with the flower.

10. Yellow ducks on aqua cupcakes

Obvious huh?  Ducks are perfect for baby birthdays, baby showers, little kids and anytime you want to throw a get the kids in the bath party! These cupcakes come from Cupcakes of Kensington and were created for a 1 year old.  The ducks are bright yellow, the cupcakes bright aqua, perfect!


11. Star Orange Cup Cupcakes

These cupcakes are vegan and unfortunately are the secret recipe of Vegan Caliente, however the frosting is from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and is a ‘buttercream’, which is made using orange extract and food colouring.  They look fantastic on chocolate cupcakes.

12. Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

Okay so these cupcakes are actually white and orange, but I had to include them because they are sensational.  The cupcakes, which have been created by Sublime Sweets are frosted with a white frosting and then covered with orange sprinkles, before using the white frosting and a fine nozzle the segments are added to create a perfect cupcake orange.

13. Almost fluoro orange cucpakes

Z as in Zebra have created some amazingly orange cupcakes.  They are actually frosted in an orange juice jelly, which I guess why they look so neon.  They are then finished off with candied orange segments.

14. Orange and Purple Cucpakes

Normally when you suggest orange and purple as a combination you will think of Halloween but I have stayed away from these in favour of classy cupcakes like these from Kekcawan175 Blog.  They are exquisite with their purple designs and deep rich dark purple flowers.

15. Orange and green

Actually these are orange, cream and green themed cupcakes and would be perfect for a spring wedding or party.  They are beautiful, alternating in three designs.  The first of these by Cupcake Land are covered in white fondant with orange roses, the second are orange with cream ribbons and bows, and the third are green with cream and orange flowers.


16. Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet cupcakes are very often iced with cream cheese frosting so their vivid red is lost, however another alternative is to use a little icing sugar like Creative Entertaining has done.  If you cut out of cardboard the shape of a heart or of a star, then place this on the cupcake and sprinkle confectioners sugar over the top, you will be left with the pattern of the star or heart on the cupcake.

17. Red Flower Cupcakes

These cupcakes from Sweet Tooth Creations contain only a small hint of black in the centre of each flower.  The piping would have taken quite a while to do, covering the full top of the cupcake with small stars.  Changing the icing nozzle to a round fine tip, a small black or dark brown dot is then added to the centre of each.

18. Red, White & Black Racing Cupcakes

The colors red, white and black go so well together, there are so many options from these racing car cupcakes by The Celebration Shoppe Blog, which feature red cars on black cupcakes, to really classic designs.  For a wedding, engagement or milestone birthday, you cannot go wrong with it.

19. Red Rose Cupcakes

Because there are so many options to achieve the cupcake color using food coloring, an option for any colored cupcakes is to use a decorative pan.  Kirbie Cravings does just that with these rose cupcakes cooked in her rose muffin pan.  The website contains a recipe as well.

20. Red Froot Loop Cupcakes

A little while ago we featured cereal cupcakes, and indeed featured a froot loop one, but this is different.  For one it is covered in a red buttercream which has a mix of different essences, so that it not only looks like a froot loop, but it tastes like them too.  There is a full recipe for these on the Cupcake Corner, and I think it is worth checking out!


25. Pink birthday cupcakes

These cupcakes are quite simple and beautiful by Wedding Inspirations, they feature vanilla or white cupcakes which are then topped with a pale pink frosting which has been swirled on top.  On this a little white or pale pink circular disc has been placed.  The disc is decorated with dark pink dots, which are thick around the outside and then small around the inner circle.  The effect is simple but stunning.

26. Hot Pink Cupcakes

You cannot create a list that includes pink and then not include Hot Pink!  The hot pink idea is from Coco Cupcakes, who have created their cupcakes with a simple large swirl of frosting then topped the hot pink mound off with a scattering of white sugar balls.  They look simple, but stunning!  Perfect for any teen girl party.

27. Pink white and Blue Candy Cane Christmas

Bakerella pulls together the beautiful color combination of pink, white and blue with her candy cane christmas trees.  This is such a gorgeous color mix and works perfectly for an alternative to the red and green.  In addition these colors will work well for a wedding, engagement or birthday.

28. Pink and White Girly Cupcakes

Well actually these are very young and girly cupcakes from Cupcakelicious.  Each cupcake is frosted with rolled fondant and covered with five white dots and at the back of each cupcake sits a little Minnie Mouse ears with a white bow!  No one really needs to be told how good pink and white works for girls parties!

29. Nude Booby Cupcakes

These use the ‘nude’ shade of pink, which apparently is the in color this year.  These cupcakes made by I-Love-Cupcakes were for a friend’s birthday and each one features a different bikini babe!  Check out her website for the full summer fun collection.

30. Pink and White Hello Kitty Cupcakes

These adorable cupcakes by Annie’s Eats, feature a pale pink frosting and are topped with a white fondant disc in the shape of the Hello Kitty’s head.  The eyes and whiskers have been piped on with black frosting and the nose with a hot pink frosting.  They are very cute!


31. Violet Heart Cupcakes

The Lone Baker provides us this sample of fantastic purple, in her heart cupcake.  Unfortunately her modeling paste heart toppers melted into the mixture, however you could do the same using heart cookies which wouldn’t suffer the same demise in the frosting.  I think however they look fabulous, I love this shade!

32. Lemon Honey Lavender Cupcakes

Baking for Neighbours has whipped up a batch of mini lemon cupcakes but instead of top them off with ordinary frosting decided that she would fill them with lemon curd and then top them with a honey lavender frosting.  Sounds intriguing, looks very, well, purple, and that is because she dipped them in a mix of sparkling white and lavender sugar.

33. Lots of Purple Cupcakes

Thinking About Food has created a great purple cupcake tower, with lots and lots of different frosting designs and a touch of yellow dusting over the top.  Quite often using a variety of frosting methods will not work, but if you keep the color scheme strict and include enough different designs it can look amazing like these.

34. Purple and White Flower Cupcakes

Don’t go straight to the pinks, oranges and yellows when you are making flower cupcakes, purple can look gorgeous too.  Chepah Cute Cakes created some beautiful fondant designs using at least three shades of purple, and the results are stunning.  I would love to have these at my wedding!

35. Purple Ladybug Cupcakes on Green Leaves

These are fantastic!  The Cupcake Blog found these cupcakes by Snarkgurl on Flickr and put them on their blog.  They are covered with a white frosting onto which green leaves have been piped and then the fondant purple ladybug placed delicately on top.  I love the idea of using alternative colors for traditional animals, who says your elephants can’t be green and your zebras pink and black?


36. Mosaic Cupcakes

Every now and then you come across a fantastic idea, that when pulled off looks amazing!  That is what Mandy Mortimer has done with these mosaic cupcakes on her website.  Here we have the Blue version which is decorated with skittles, boiled lollies, fruit pastilles and smarties to name a few.  In the background you can see all the other colors.  Great idea for a rainbow party!

37. Blue Embossed Cupcakes

These cupcakes are very pretty, and look simple, but actually have a lot of work in them.  They are made by Kiwi Cakes NZ and use rolled fondant which is impressed with a flower fun texture sheet to get the design of the flowers.  Cut these into a circle and add to the cupcake, then when the fondant has dried, pipe using a thin nozzle white frosting over the raised lines to give you the flower shapes and stems.

38. Blue Cupcakes with White Bows

At the Pink Cake Box, they have created the most wonderful color blue for these cupcakes.  The cupcakes appear to be vanilla and then topped with a fluffy mound of frosting and finished off with a little white fondant bow.  These are suggested for a baby shower, but would work equally well for a wedding.

39. Blue Quilt Cupcakes

I really love the look of embossed fondant on a cupcake, especially when you have used a really strong color like A Master Creation has done with their cupcakes.  To top them off they have added a scattering of little pink, green and blue flowers.

40. Blue and Silver White Cupcakes

The Modern Girl Invitations blog has so much information about weddings including some beautiful classic ideas for creating your own wedding cupcakes.  These ones here have to be one of my absolute favorites in the whole group, I love how effective they are!


41. Baseball Cupcakes

Brown often is representative of dirt which makes it perfect for sporting cupcakes.  At Easy Cupcakes that is just what they have done with these baseball cupcakes.  The cupcake is chocolate and then covered with chocolate frosting.  This cupcake represents something that is easy to create with the baseball bat being made out of caramel and the ball a white Mentos which has had stitches drawn on it with an icing pen.  Clever huh?

42. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

What a great idea, these are hot chocolate cupcakes with chili, and I think that sounds fantastic!  What is better though is that Jamie of all Trades has provided a recipe for these chocolate chili frosting, the cupcakes are chocolate.  Top them off with a pretty pink flower and you have an explosive brown and pink winning combination.

43. Lamington Cupcakes

In Australia we are famous (well not really) for the Lamington, a white sponge cake that is sliced in half, filled with jam and cream, thinly covered with jam, then liberally coated with chocolate and then shredded coconut.  They are really good, and not surprisingly they have been converted into a cupcake by The Indigo Phial.  A recipe is provided, which doesn’t include the jam or cream, but you could of course add these to get the full and true lamington experience!

44. Teal and Chocolate Cupcakes

Sweet Retreat puts the teal and chocolate combination to create fantastic cupcake circles.  The inner cupcake is chocolate topped with teal flowers, the next ring around them is teal frosted with chocolate flowers.  This example shows what can be achieved with a simple two tone design for a party or wedding.

45. Blonde and Brown Cupcakes

Well this is but one of the amazing cupcakes on this blog page by PS I Love This.  It is a compilation of very gorgeous cupcakes, these are cream and brown, but there is a grey green and brown cupcake above it, two below and you have a brown and blue and then another cream and brown cupcake.  So good, so beautiful!


46. Green Tea Cupcakes

Dishing It Up blog has a great Green Tea Cupcake recipe for you on their site.  Each of the cupcakes are frosted with a green cream cheese frosting.  Using a star nozzle on her piping bag she has created a number of different patterns, which looks very effective given they are all the same color.

47. Lucky Green Velvet Cupcakes

At Real Mom Kitchen she has taken the traditional red velvet cupcake and gone green with it to make these Irish lucky cupcakes!  The recipe is provided so you can have a try and the cream cheese frosting is gorgeous with a little of the white allowed to show though.

48. Little Green Alien Cupcakes

Of course, when you think green you go alien?  Well no I probably would think of green tea, irish and Kermit first, but Aliens are indeed fictionalized as being green and these ones from the Twisted Sifter are fantastic.  Well worth checking out if you are seeking ideas for a boy’s birthday party!

49. Red and Green Frog Cupcakes

When creating a predominantly one color cupcake like these frog cupcakes, it can be great to add a touch of another color to give it some vibrancy.  Here the color is red as used for the eyes and mouth.  You could even alternate these cupcakes by making some red frosted ones with little black flies in the centre.  This cupcake is by Easy Cupcakes and there are heaps more ideas on their website for ‘Green’.

50. Broccoli Cupcakes of course!

Our final cupcake is actually brown and green, well that is some of the cupcakes are frosted with chocolate, then topped with green broccoli fondant, and the others well they are green and fuzzy just like a piece of broccoli looks.  These would be perfect for a birthday or party where you wanted your cupcakes to stand out!  The cupcakes were created by Treat and are featured on SugarSleuth’s website.

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Paz September 26, 2010 at 10:12 pm

I love all your cupcakes. Wonderful ideas! Thanks for including the cupcakes I made in your list.

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Jean September 27, 2010 at 9:14 am

All of these are amazing! I can’t wait to get started making them!!! Thanks :-)

Jeniffer Paxton October 2, 2010 at 11:58 pm

Thank you for gathering this fabulous selection of “colours”. There are so many creative bakers out there! Thank you for the inclusion too… really nice :)
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