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50 Amazing Wedding Cupcake Ideas

by Party Cupcake Ideas on June 28, 2010

Butterflies Wedding
Creative Commons License photo credit: Cupcake Sisters (Senel)

Do you want more design, flexibility and control over your wedding cake, but think that it will just lead to more expense?

If this is you, then cupcakes may be the solution. Over the last 18-24 months we have seen a strong trend towards cupcakes for weddings over the traditional tiered wedding cake. Why? Because you are not limited to expensive designer made cakes, you are able to make them yourself, you avoid expensive cake cutting and serving fees at venues, and best of all, even if you do have the budget to spend, they allow you to be as creative as you want to be.

We have scoured the web and found 50 different blogs that feature fantastic wedding cupcakes, brilliant ideas from the classic to the comic, recipes, how-to’s on making cake trees and baking in bulk. In fact we pretty much have everything that you could ever want to know about using cupcakes for your big day covered!

Enjoy and drop us a comment to let us know what you think!

50 Amazing Wedding Cupcake Ideas

1. Nancy’s Wedding Cupcakes
All Things Cupcake
Using flowers as a theme to a wedding is common, after all we carry the bouquet down the isle before tossing it over our heads, but rarely have I seen it used this well. ALL THINGS CUPCAKE reader Nancy had chosen a cherry blossom theme for her wedding and so contacted Tracy’s Divine Desserts in Milwaukee to help make her dream a reality. The result was a stunning stand full of baby pink and yellow flower cupcakes. She reserved the top layer of the stand for the traditional, if not smaller version of her anniversary cake, which was decorated in cherry blossoms.

2. Mini Tuxedo Wedding Cupcakes
Skinny Mini’s Cupcakes
When the order came in from Josie, Bridget from SKINNY MINI’S CUPCAKES, Couture Cupcake and Cake Creations had to take a minute to digest, pardon the pun. Josie, wanted no less than 300 mini cupcakes with a tuxedo theme for her upcoming wedding. The color combination of black, red and white combination was brilliant, and looked great next to their big brother ‘wedding cake’. Bridget may have been worried, but as you can see from the images on the blog, she totally rocked it in.

3. Butterfly Wedding
Cupcakes Take The Cake
Creating a tower of cupcakes for your wedding can be a daunting prospect, however if you keep it simple the results can still be stunning. The Butterfly cupcake tower featured on the CUPCAKE TAKES THE CAKE blog in February shows how Truly Scrumptious did just that. You can see that she has kept the color scheme simple, concentrating on white wrappers and a white frosting. The simple icing butterflies are added to the top, but because of their vivid color the cupcakes have become brilliant and eye catching. If you are doing this yourself, look for other simple items to tie into the look, such as the ribbon and the table confetti in this case.

4. Wedding Cupcakes can Save you Money
Wedding Cupcakes
WEDDING CUPCAKES offer some interesting ideas on their website, and one we particularly liked was how to save money by using cupcakes for your wedding instead of a traditional cake. Did you know that by having a traditional cake (for 75 guests), cutting and serving it could cost you $400 to $1200? Well that is what WEDDING CUPCAKES estimates, and they have come up with the solution to use cupcakes. Why? Well professional cupcakes cost less, or you can make them yourself, many venues will not charge the standard cutting and serving fees for cupcakes and delivery fees may be less. So if you are about to get married, how about considering a cupcake alternative?

5. Spring Wedding
Pink Cake Box
PINK CAKE BOX is a fantastic business located in Denville, run by Anne Heap. She has a passion and love for baking which shows through in all of her gorgeous cakes. One of my favorite wedding cakes that she achieved was this cupcake tier, using beautiful spring colors of lilac, plum, green and white. The cakes are a mix of marble cake with chocolate pudding filling, almond cake with raspberry Chambord filling and chocolate cake with Oreos and cream filling. I am drooling just thinking of them.
But why you ask is this my absolute favorite of all her amazing cakes? Well, I just love the unique way she thinks adding the grass at the bottom is so different, and yet so ‘Spring’ perfect!

6. Giant Wedding Cupcake
The Cupcake Blog
Normally you would consider your cupcake to be one of two sizes, normal, equivalent to about three to five bites, or mini, about one (gulp, I admit I do this sometimes) to three bites. Of course, you would be right, but then in this day and age, it seems everything is becoming super sized and until now it has been unfair that the ordinary cupcake has missed out.
So we bring you the ‘Giant Wedding Cupcake’ featured earlier this month on THE CUPCAKE BLOG. This whopper of a cupcake is the top tier on a wedding cake, and looks so yummy with its pink wrapper, yellow frosting and icing roses! Thanks to the creative genius behind this cake, Camellia Kelly at Flourishing Cakes for sharing it with them, so that we could also admire it.

7. Dare to Dream!
Coco Cake Cupcakes
COCO CAKE CUPCAKES is a little business that certainly has a fair bit of spunk, and I love that. With so much ‘sameness’ occurring and I am not talking just cakes, but everything, it is fantastic to see people that think outside the box and spark it up a little with their imagination. Don’t get me wrong, a white wedding is perfect, so perfect that it is common place, but there is something in me that just jumps up and down and says ‘wow you guys are awesome’ when people challenge the cliché!
Jamie and Ryan did this, red shoes with your wedding dress, is brave and fantastic! I loved the look, as did I love the idea of a sailing theme, which was pulled off brilliantly with the use of nautical flags on the cupcakes and paper sailing boats alongside the cupcake stand. Check out the full story on COCO CAKE CUPCAKE’S Blog.

8. Using Stronger Tones for a Wedding
Cupcake Land
Have you considered darker colors for your wedding, but are afraid that it will not work? Do not fear using stronger tones can work if you use them wisely.
Green and brown is the theme of these stunning cupcakes by CUPCAKE LAND on their blog in June last year. It can be a hard combination to pull off for a wedding, but if you keep the theme consistent and execute the cupcakes beautifully as the ladies from CUPCAKE LAND have you will be sure of success.
They have done this by creating only two variations on their cupcakes, a green based cupcake with an icing ribbon and the beautiful bunch of white roses on the brown-based cupcakes. The latter gives the cupcakes their wedding feel. So if you are thinking of getting married and using a stronger color scheme, remember to keep the number of designs down for a bigger impact.

9. Making Wedding Cupcakes 101
Recipe Girl
Wanting to make your own wedding cupcakes, but afraid that because you are not an expert baker that you may not be able to pull it off? Well fear no more, RECIPE GIRL shows you just how to do this on her blog. She has even provided you with links to the tried and tested recipes she used.
Although I have no wedding on my radar, I am tempted to give these a try at home. Remember a simple tip to class up your cupcakes is to add some little silver or pearl balls after you had completed your frosting. Recipe girl has used pearl, but how stunning would a few metallic blue balls look on one of those white frosted cupcakes?

10. Scrumptious Wedding Cupcakes
Scrumptious Photography
Coming from a slightly different angle, this is the blog of a photographer, who specializes in photographing food. Kimberley’s site SCRUMPTIOUS PHOTOGRAPHY is full of very ‘scrumptious’ shots of all sorts of cakes, but I especially like these exotic wedding cupcakes. Being a two-tone wedding, the first batch of cupcakes had red papers and topped with an off white frosting, while the vanilla batch had white papers, so they complemented each other perfectly.
Mmm, I want to dream of being a food photographer. “Now I really think this cupcake would take a beautiful photo with a little bite out of it here”.

11. Cupcake Variety in the Fall
Cupcake Project
The Cupcake Project a few years ago now, created a brilliant wedding cupcake tier for their clients that had some fantastic ideas that we just have to share!
First they went for a fall theme, so all the cupcakes and stand were in orange, red, brown and shades of gold. In addition they labeled each tier with the type of cupcake that appeared on its shelf. In this way they were able to have three different types of cupcake, everyone knew what they were and they all suited the theme perfectly. The cake stand was finished off with a small but gorgeous wedding cake on top!

12. Not Just Any Old Tree
Cupcake Tree Blog
Creating your own affordable and environmentally friendly cupcake tree is now easy to do. The CUPCAKETREE stand is made from sturdy corrugated cardboard and has been tested to take the weight of up to 300 cupcakes on a large stand. As we all become a little more focused on reducing our environmental footprint this is another way to do so with a wedding. The blog we feature here is from the home of the original CUPCAKETREE, and shows just how great the stand can look when decorated.
Haley from the Little Cake Shop has done just that, using scrap booking paper to cover the base and ribbons for the edges!

13. Wedding Cupcake Ideas
Looking for an idea for a cupcake wedding? BRIDE magazine’s blog is just the place in their post ‘Wedding Cupcakes 101: Cupcake Wedding Cake Ideas. Here you will find a variety of different cupcakes and displays. From the elaborately decorated white frosted cake tier complete with flowers and plants, to the intricate miniature wedding cakes each on their own little golden board. There is sure to be something here to get you thinking!

14. Elegance in Black and White
Blog Dig
Sometimes it is hard to go past the classic and the classy, and even if you are thinking of venturing away from the traditional tiered wedding cake, it can be difficult to go too all out. FOREVER showcase a stunning tiered cupcake wedding cake that she sourced from the Vanilla Bake Shop. It is a custom Black and White Damask Tower, which holds no less than 175 cupcakes or 300 baby cupcakes and is finished with pink ribbons and flowers. Beautiful!

15. Mr and Mrs Cupcake
Yum Sugar
With cupcakes gaining popularity at weddings, there is no limit to what you can create. At YUMSUGAR, they have done just that creating a Mr and Mrs cupcake, complete with top hat for the groom and veil and earrings for the bride. Of course these are just examples of what you can achieve if you wanted to have a little fun with your wedding baking. Personally I’d make the top hat using a little hat chocolate mold and the bow tie out of fondant. For the bride, I would have her veil out of white fondant, that I had made lace-like by poking it with a skewer, and use silver balls to create the tiara and earrings. That way I’d be able to gobble the happy couple up.

16. Color Coordinated Cupcake Weddings
Primadonna Bride
Do you dream of having a color coordinated wedding?
Well, we may have found just the website for you! PRIMA DONNA BRIDE has done all the work creating and combining the perfect accessories, dresses, flowers and don’t forget the cupcakes to create the perfect look for you and your wedding whatever your color scheme!
First we stop in pink, where the theme is polka dots, so everything is pink, white and dotty, including the cupcakes. Perhaps green is more your thing, with their apple, black and white damask combination – I love the ideas of apples and apples on cupcakes! Or potentially you like yellows and lemons?
Whatever your choice you are sure to stock up on ideas at this fantastic site.

17. Give the Girl a Rose
BBC Good Food
Or maybe three, and instead of giving her something that will look pretty and then wilt slowly in front of her eyes, give her those three roses on top of a white chocolate frosted cupcake. Baking isn’t hard, especially if you have a great recipe to follow and that is what the BBC GOOD FOOD website provides for you. These Romantic Rose Cupcakes are perfect for a wedding, or for some special moment. Sure, us girls will gladly accept any gifts that your money can buy, but sometimes, a heart felt gift that involves you going the extra, and sometimes uncertain mile will win our heart.

18. Pink and White and all that’s Nice
Le Cupcake
Elegance can often prove a winner and this Sydney based cupcake store LE CUPCAKE provides that with these stunning white and pink two-tone cupcakes. Baked especially for a wedding in the beach town of Clovelly these cupcakes are beautiful. Each cake is coated with a flat layer of icing, which has words pressed into the fondant, then is finished with a small icing heart and little flower.
But that is not to say that LE CUPCAKE cannot do fancy as well, last year they produced wedding cupcakes for Home and Away, the popular Australian TV series.

19. Baking Sweet in Sweden
Holy Sweet
Last new years Linda from HOLY SWEET cooked up a storm, making 60 cupcakes for Maria and Marcus’s wedding on New Years Eve. The cupcakes were lemon, with lemon curd filling and Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, complete with little peach flowers, a white icing butterfly and some oversized pearl balls. They are just beautiful.
Unfortunately Linda’s camera broke so these ‘boxed’ cakes are the best she could shoot, but thankfully the photographer sent her some extra gorgeous photos after the event, which you can see here.

20. More ideas for Cupcake Weddings
Perfect Wedding Day
If you have been thinking of giving wedding cupcakes a go then you should definitely check out the Perfect Wedding Day page where they sample a number of images of wedding cupcakes. There are so many here from a striking beautiful apple green and pink cupcake design to little chocolate and mint individual cupcake deserts. But they are just the tip of the icing on this site, there are brown and white cupcakes from previously reviewed LE CUPCAKE, lots of ideas from another favorite HOLY SWEET, as well as images from Vanessa-Anne and the most sunning pastel pink and cream butterfly and flower cake from Torte di Toni.

21. A Golden Ray of Sunshine
Cupcake Me
Weddings should be bright and beautiful, and CUPCAKE ME, did just that for a couple who adored sunflowers. The main cake was a simple white iced wedding cake with a gorgeous single handmade sunflower in the centre. Around the edge of this cake however, little vanilla sponge cupcakes, topped with a vanilla butter cream icing and then finished off with the sunflower. The level of detail in these flowers is superb! Hopefully for CUPCAKE ME they didn’t have to make 200-300 of these little, but I bet the happy couple would have adored them.

22. Not Quite a Cupcake
Calluna Events
Looking for cupcakes that are not cupcakes? Why not try cake balls? CALLUNA EVENTS a photography blog showcases one of her local suppliers Krissy’s Cake Balls, and although you may not be in the area, most cake suppliers will be able to make these little treats for you. Alternatively you can have a go at making your own. Now I don’t know all the secrets of creating cake balls, but basically you use cake crumb and icing to roll little balls of cakey goodness. Then you lower them into melted chocolate.
Sounds divine, and even if you don’t replace your wedding cake with them, they can prove to be a fantastic addition to your wedding or form part of your take home gift.

23. Coordination Couldn’t Be Easier with Cupcakes
Tee and Cakes
The best thing about including cupcakes into your wedding plans is that you have so much flexibility to really create a statement. For a theme wedding, coming up with something to suit for each different aspect of the wedding plans can be difficult, but with the cupcakes it couldn’t be easier. There are so many motif or cupcake toppers available, and color coordination is a breeze. On TEE & CAKES blog, it features just a few of the ideas that you could consider. Alternatively check out their photo gallery for even more ideas. I especially like the pretzel topped cupcake.

24. Cupcakes on a Shoestring
Thread Banger
The THREAD BANGER blog is another great site to see a range of different wedding cupcake ideas. From fairy pink cupcakes to a fantastic image of how stunning adding a wrapper to your cupcake can be. Just remember if you do decide to use wrappers, they are not for cooking, add them after for decoration, in fact, do everything (including all your icing and design, let them all set), then add the cupcake into the wrapper. In this way you will avoid getting a dirty wrapper. Another great idea that could be done by a beginner cupcake designer is the red cupcakes with the little tree and blossom design, simply use an icing nozzle the gives a small thin stream of icing to create your stick base then add three or four pearl or silver balls to each twig end. Beautiful!

25. Be my Valentine!
CUPPACAKES prepared some fantastic Valentines Day cakes earlier this year, and we thought they were so good, that they could also be great for a wedding! Of course there are the traditional red and white cupcakes, the idea of white frosting with a little red icing heart on top is super! But it was the ones from their GOLDFINCH collection that really stole my heart. These are in pretty pastel pink and a light green that is bordering on white, and simply gorgeous. However if aqua and pink, or aqua red and white is more your style, they have variations on the same theme in all!

26. Something Upper-Classy?
Cupcake Style
CUPCAKE STYLE may have just the answer with one of their recent creations, the ‘String of Pearls Wedding Cupcake’. Sounds fancy, and well it is, but also really simple to create. They share all the secrets on how to pipe it and nudge the little pearl balls into their place. Of course you can use different colors, why not make a rainbow, everyone would be sure to notice your beautiful cupcakes in swirly rainbow style. Alternatively just color coordinate the balls to match whatever colors your bridesmaids are wearing!

27. Cap it off with a Cupcake
Wedding Window
Are you holding your wedding in the middle of the summer? Are you considering an out of the way location or maybe you just do not have time to create something ultra fancy for your wedding? If so then maybe the answer you are looking for is a cupcake cap, a hard edible icing top for your cupcakes. These amazing little time savers can be found now in most cake stores and come in a range of styles and colors. The WEDDING WINDOW feature Cupcake Caps on their WEDLOFT blog less than a week ago, definitely worth checking out, as they are more durable than frosting.

28. Art Nouveau Cupcakes
Sugar Bloom Cupcakes
If you are looking for something different to the normal flowers on a cupcake theme, then SUGARBLOOM CUPCAKES & MACARONS may have the answer. They have designed a set of Art Nouveau Cupcakes, which are amazing. Using strong black lines of icing to create the swirly vines, they top them off with delicate lilac flowers and petals. And as fabulous as they look, they sound mouth watering irresistible, chocolate almond fudge with dark chocolate buttercream, yum!

29. Happy Cupcake Weddings
Clever Cupcakes
As cake designers and creators CLEVER CUPCAKES in Montreal receive many letters and photos from happy customers that want to share their day with those that helped make the dream a possibility. So here on this blog, they wanted to share those photos and information with us! There are a lot of cupcake towers to be viewed here, but my favorite picture is that of a colorful cupcake tower sitting on an antique piano. The lighting and design is perfect. Enjoy!

30. Romancing the Cupcake
Ahhh, how I love a blog that shares an interesting story, a long with a hot pink love cupcake! Not only that, but the ETSY blog also shares the recipe for its Chocolate Truffle Rose cupcakes! It is all I can do to resist rushing off to make these amazing cakes right now. The recipe is courtesy of Eloise Durrant of the Gourmet Cupcake Company in England, and if this didn’t win her boy’s heart, I am not sure what would? Perhaps a cupcake with a power tool on top, but that would be no good for a wedding, and these would be stunning, if not a touch dramatic!

31. A Small Selection of WOW
Bella Cupcakes
The link here is not to one single wedding cupcake post, but to the home of a cupcake artist. BELLA CUPCAKES is the blog of Vanessa Iti, a woman involved in a passionate affair with cupcake creation, and it shows. Her cakes are just amazing, such as Pink Fantasy, Vintage Chic and her Dogwood Flower Cupcake. But for my wedding cupcake I would absolutely have to have some of her high heel cupcakes. The detail of these is just beyond comprehension!

32. Pretty Pastels
The Cupcake Blog
Over at the CUPCAKE BLOG they have many yummy cupcakes to view, but these ones are just adorable. I love the way Hester from Sweet Tiers Cakes, who is the baker of these pretty as a picture cakes, has alternated the flat decorated ones with the piped frosted ones. Putting the latter into cupcake wrappers makes the whole effect more lovely, adding a very girly feel to them. You can see more of Hester’s beautiful little cupcakes for weddings at her website.

33. Marrying a Super Star
Cupcake Tastic
If your big day is going to be all a sparkle, then you must check out the CUPCAKETASTIC blog. Along the classic theme, of white and gold, each cupcake, in a gold cupcake wrapper is decorated with a single gold star. The top tier of the cupcake tree holds a small wedding cake from which all the stars shoot from the top. Sounds glitzy, looks fantastic, and given these are white chocolate mud cakes, I bet they tasted great too.

34. Singapore Orchids
ECUPCAKE is an Australian blog owned by an experimental baker. Here I feature several different cupcakes, which are all pulled together by using Singapore Orchards on top. Is it necessary to say that you should remember to remove the Orchard before consuming?
Anyway we have Chocolate Cupcakes, Gluten White Chocolate Rosewater Cupcakes, White Chocolate Lemon Cupcakes and Caramel Lychee Cupcakes. All are topped with white chocolate ganache and a Singapore Orchard. These would look stunning on a four-tier cupcake stand with a little hand written sign for each layer to explain the different flavours.

35. Whatever you are Looking for
Cupcake Dlights
You are sure to find it on Zalita’s CUPCAKE DLIGHTS blog . Her cupcakes are simply amazing, and given how gorgeous her photos and images are there is no wonder she has a disclaimer on the first page warning people not to abuse her copyright. Scrolling down there are snowflake mini cupcakes, vintage elegance cupcakes, shabby chic cupcakes, ivory and gold cupcakes, bunch o’ roses cupcakes and more! She is amazing, I can only dream of being able to make icing roses that look that good! Before you look everywhere else, make sure you check out this blog.

36. Somewhere over the Rainbow…
Candy Snaps
You may just find Kermit the Frog singing to Miss Piggy, and you may find them both sitting astride a cupcake at your friends wedding. Then you may at that point want to laugh, and please do because these happy cupcakes are designed to do nothing less than make the couple’s guests smile. They are bright, fun and very funky, and are not at all traditional! But be sure to get in the early queue for cake, otherwise you may just miss out on snagging your favorite character, and with cupcakes this adorable that would be just too bad. Well done to Cupcake Occasions for being the mastermind behind these and for CANDY SNAPS WEDDINGS blog for grabbing and posting these images somewhere we could find them!

37. Forget the Cupcakes, First let’s get Crafty
My DIY Wedding Day
So you want to create your own wedding cupcakes for your big day? Well the first place to start thinking is your cupcake tower. It is useful to think about your theme and how you want to interpret it first then it is time to dive in and get crafty (well before your big day).
MY DIY WEDDING DAY is a great source of inspiration for all things in relation to a do-it-yourself wedding, but these great instructions and photos show just how to take a cupcake tree stand in its naked form and class it up to suit any wedding color scheme or theme! Here they use maps and vintage ribbon, but you are only limited by your imagination and what you can find in your local scrapbook store!

38. Thanksgiving Cupcakes that would be Perfect for a Fall Wedding

Eat Cake Be Merry
Are you getting married in the Autumn? If so, there are so many beautiful colors to use and mix into your wedding outfits, from reds, oranges, yellows and browns, they are all perfect and what is even better is that you do not have to match shades! Having a variety of different variations on the color is what nature naturally provides, so it is only right that it is replicated on your wedding cupcakes. On the EAT CAKE, BE MERRY blog they delve deeply into fall wedding cakes and take you step by step how to create classic maple leaf cupcakes. Although they have used them to celebrate Thanksgiving, these would be absolutely perfect on a cake stand at a wedding.

39. Make Mine Smaller
One White Dress
There is so much choice in cupcake style and design for weddings. The ONE WHITE DRESS blog shows a sample of eight different types of cupcakes that you should consider, from the spring greens and pinks, to the vintage, the bright and the eternally youthful bright pink and black combination. Round tall cupcakes topped with flowers also make a different and interesting choice.

40. The Perfect Wedding Purse
Cupcake Envy
Make it Prada or Yves Saint Laurent, but whatever it is, make it edible! Yep, that’s right, this Bride wants her purse and to eat it too, and now thanks to CUPCAKE ENVY, you can do just that! They have created the fantastic ‘Fashionable Purse Cakelet’, and even better if you check out their blog, they have provided links to YouTube, which will show you just how to make these amazing cakes yourself. I love the versatility and style of these beautiful cakes and I can just imagine them at a wedding, but do I believe I could make them? Maybe not!
They also will show you a range of Dainty Dress Cakelets, which are equally jaw dropping on their blog!

41. Cake Toppers with a Difference
Project Wedding
Margaret, writer for ONE LOVELY DAY, by Project Wedding stumbled last year across a little Etsy Shop that she instantly fell in love with. Bunny with a Tool Belt is a strange name for any store, but what they create may be even stranger! They design and make animal cake toppers, specializing in the wedding trade. They have giraffes, rabbits, donkeys and my favorite, alligators! Of course all animals come in a pair with a boy complete with top hat and woman with some flowers, and in the alligator’s case veil!
If it sounds a bit strange to imagine, it probably is! Best bet is to check them out for yourself.

42. Cookie Cakes
Jessicakes Blog
Jessica Harris, is an avid cake baker and designer who shares her experiments and her joys. In this case her delight is directed at a new red cake stand she had just been given by her sister-in-law. But it is not the cake stand that drew me to JESSICAKES blog, but her fantastic idea to make Cupcake Cookies for a wedding rather than standard cupcakes. It is true that cupcakes have been getting all the glory over their bigger wedding cake cousins, but do not forget the cookie either! Jessica shows us that when designed, the humble cookie can learn to resemble a wedding cake all on its own!

43. Cupcake Cake Toppers
Lela New York
Just because you have made a decision, whatever the reason to go for cupcakes over a traditional cake, do not think that this rules out your option to have cake toppers. In fact, cake toppers can be perfect if you are on a budget and do not have a series of 300+ fancy cupcakes all individually hand designed to show off. With a cupcake topper, on two individual cupcakes placed to the top of your tier you can lift your entire collection. Over at THE LELA NEW YORK WEDDING BLOG, Lela went searching for the cutest cake toppers ever and found some gorgeous designs by Red Light Studio, Rainsend, Emily Friday and Blue Butterfly Design. These all have a bird / penguin theme, so would be perfect for the spring or winter wedding!

44. Cupcake Cards
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Seating arrangements at a wedding can be a lot of work and then when you finally work out where everyone will go you need to create name cards and then hope while you are getting ready, that they are put out correctly. Let’s face it you have more important things to worry about on your day than whether Uncle Harry is going to start a loud debate with his arch rival cousin. Well at ELIZABETH ANNE DESIGNS they have a fantastic idea to stop this occurring. Using Facebook they printed out little images of all the guests, then applied them to cardboard circles which the stuck with skewers into a cupcake. To the back of each they applied a name label, in this case a flavor, but you could change this to suit whatever the theme of your wedding is.
In this way everyone is sure to find their correct table, and as long as your assistants ensure all the back labels match, you can relax, well at least until the dancing and table mingling starts!

45. How Many Giant Cupcakes Make a Cake?
Fun Filled Cakes
Well if it is a four-tier wedding cake the answer is quite a lot. In fact this massive cupcake wedding cake from FUN FILLED CAKES in California has at least 27 oversized cupcakes that are visible, and I would say that there would have to be another 8 or so that are hidden.
The key to pulling off a whimsical cake like this is to not lose site of making the finished cake look classy and pretty, ensuring that you go to the effort to achieve the fine details, in this case the flowers.

46. With a Chocolate on Top
Recently I found an idea for a beach themed wedding where they used bright oranges and yellows for icing their cupcakes. Upon each of these cupcakes they then placed a chocolate. Not any chocolate, but a Guylian Shell Shaped Chocolate. You can see these cupcakes at the BLISSTREE blog, but the idea got me thinking about other chocolates. There are, of course the many different chocolate shapes that you can buy already prepared, but then there is a whole world of possibility if you visit a party store and pick up some chocolate moulds! Little white chocolate hearts with a touch of pink swirled in would be simply beautiful!

47. Black, Grey and White
Sweet Treats From Oz
SWEET TREATS FROM OZ brings us a great display of how to make the colors of black, grey and white work. Choosing a dark liner, the cupcakes took on a classy look from the beginning then Ivy and Matt (bride and groom) chose three different designs to adorn the cupcakes, each linking with the others. Two of the cupcakes use a fondant top while the third is a soft and delicate frosting. Mixing the hard with the soft works so well when using such bold colors. Remember if you do use a mix of designs, make sure they work well together first then alternate them as evenly as possible on your cupcake stand.

48. Cupcake Towers
Velvet Crumbs
Cupcake towers are not only the perfect solution for a wedding but also for an engagement, especially if you have a large number of guests! There are so many advantages to the cupcake tower, including that they look fantastic, they can be made by you the day before, they are perfect for an outdoor function, there is less mess (no plates and spoons) and they are a lot cheaper and easier than traditional cakes. The other thing to consider is that quite often by the time we get to the cake people are full, so a cupcake can be easily taken away! As this blog post on VELVET CRUMBS points out, they really are a fantastic idea for weddings and engagements, plus there is so much variety!

49. Baking in Bulk
Cupcake Blog
Chockylit, author of the ‘CUPCAKE BLOG’ has a wealth of interesting recipes and pictures of yummy cakes on her blog. But with this post she has gone for something a bit different, a post about baking in bulk. This is a must read for anyone who is planning on doing their own wedding cakes, especially if you have never baked in those quantities before. Chockylit creates the plan for you, taking it step by step through the process right down to displaying the cakes at the end. Full of handy tips, this is one of the best and most informative blog posts I’ve found.

50. Roses are Red, Pink, Yellow…
Well actually your roses can be whatever color you decide when making them for the top of a wedding cupcake. Roses are easiest made using fondant, simply pull a part a small ball and roll it in your fingers. Press it flat then roll into a log, and pinch one end. In this way you have created the center of your rose. Add petals using the same method, but instead of rolling it, create a spoon shape and press it around your rolled center. Practice makes perfect for these, and you can see some beautiful ones at the SWEETOPIA blog.
SWEETOPIA also go further providing a step by step on how to create the leaves from gum paste, which you can find on her post ‘How to make gum paste leaves’.

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Amy Fulk June 28, 2010 at 9:01 am

This website has some really cute cupcake party ideas.

Marian July 1, 2010 at 3:03 am

Thanks for including Sweetopia in your list! I’m flattered!
.-= Marian´s last blog ..TLC Cake Crew Challenge – Summer Dessert =-.

Carol July 1, 2010 at 10:15 am

Thanks for including Primadonnabride in the list.

becky July 7, 2010 at 3:40 pm

hi…i am very honored to be #45 on this great list!!! but i am not from New Zealand!!! i am based in California!!! visit my website anytime!!! and keep an eye open for more great cake and cupcake creations coming soon!!!

Party Cupcake Ideas July 8, 2010 at 5:09 pm

So sorry! I’ve made the change to California. Thanks for letting me know.

sandz-wedding ideas July 11, 2010 at 8:22 am

Amazing..this is not the first time i saw a cup cakes but this is my first saw a cup cake wedding cakes..

Yuli July 15, 2010 at 2:52 am

Thanks for inspiring..

Charlotte Hodges September 28, 2010 at 6:31 am

Such wonderful cup cakes I never imagined they could be so beautiful, I recently went on a wedding photography course I would love the opportunity to photograph a happy couple along with the cup cakes

WeddingSpeechesHQ December 5, 2010 at 7:57 am

I attend many weddings each year and have seen some signs that people are turning to cup cake type of cakes..I think its manly because the lack of money and the economy.

Plus the cup cakes are easier to make and look just as good.
WeddingSpeechesHQ´s last [type] ..Incredible Wedding Speeches Tips – Best Wedding Toast Strategies

Andy @ Wedding photography Buckinghamshire February 1, 2011 at 9:07 am

I love cupcakes at weddings and there are some great ideas here.
Andy @ Wedding photography Buckinghamshire´s last [type] ..Wedding Photography Buckinghamshire- St Albans- Sopwell House – Emma &amp Darren

Christy March 3, 2011 at 10:29 am

I absolutely love cupcakes. I haven’t been to a wedding yet that used cupcakes, but I think that it is a cute idea. Love the list!
Christy´s last [type] ..5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

ann @ wedding favors March 22, 2011 at 5:55 am

Cupcakes look nice once you arranged them beautifully according to its size and design. People couldn’t stop themselves to stare at it. Hope I can make it at home too.

Camellia Kelly May 10, 2011 at 4:14 pm

Hi all. Camellia Kelly from Flourishing cakes here. Just to let you know that the Giant Wedding Cupcake Cake didn’t have a wrapper on it. I used White chocolate Fondant and tinted it a pale lavender to match the silk embroidery on the Bmaids dresses. Everything was completely edible :-)

Camellia Kelly May 10, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Thank you too for having me on the list. Your collections of cupcake creators is inspirational.

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