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25 Totally Teenage and Twenty-Something Cupcakes

by Sprinkles on September 11, 2010

This group can often slip under the radar, they still love a cupcake, but their tastes are much more refined, therefore it is important to give them something that will ensure their friends awe and not criticism.  So we have searched the blogs to find 25 ideas which could be perfect for your teen.  We are confident that you should find something you like.

There is a bit of everything in this group.  One idea which I haven’t included before because I couldn’t find one that I really liked was the idea of using Kanji Symbols for peace and love, which most teenage girls would like! or go with cheer leading or their favorite clothes or fashions.

For boys, you could do skateboards or cars, both of which we don’t really feature below, but there are plenty of boy ideas that you will like here as well!

The obvious girl style cupcakes below are headed in pink, for boys in blue and for both green!

1. Things she loves cupcakes

At I love Cupcakes they catered for a 21st birthday party, and she decided to decorate the cupcakes with all the things that the customer loved, such as a Titus watch with embedded diamonds and Burberry handbags.

2. A beer for the boys

Guys love chocolate cupcake and you are likely not to need to do much more other than make your chocolate cupcakes and serve them out to be a winner mum on the day.  However if you want to wow them further then why not consider beer-flavored cupcakes.  These would be a winner for most twenty something boys, Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting from Pinch my Salt.

3. Pretty Pistachio Rosewater Cupcakes

For a minimalist look perfect for the young lady, look no further than these pretty cupcakes from Coco cake.  Leave off all the funny images and designs and come back to a really classy cupcake with a large dollop of lilac pink frosting and topped with bits of pistachio.

4. Diamonds are forever

This is one amazing cupcake and it comes from the Lone Baker.  You may recall we recently featured her bubble wrap chocolate decorated cupcakes and these are similar but use Isomalt.  If you want colored ones you will need to have powdered food coloring as well.  How much would young adults love this, especially girls!

5. Social Media Cupcakes

The Daddu blog isn’t our usual source of cool cupcake ideas, being a blog about ‘Funny Pictures and Videos’, but today they hit the mark perfectly with a selection of 15 different social media cupcakes.  You have the Twitter cupcakes, which we featured in our 25 animal cupcakes, but you also have a Facebook cupcake, Google Cupcakes, several versions of iphone cupcakes, YouTube Cupcakes, surprisingly a FireFox Cupcake, Digg and Mac cupcakes!

6. Twilight Cupcakes

There are not many teenage girls that are not currently incredibly into the current Vampire craze, sparked by the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.  Previously we have featured our own collection of Twilight cupcakes, but here are some more at the Bby-putri Blog.

7. Snickers or Chocolate Inspired Cupcakes

Annie’s Eats has a lot of fantastic recipes on its site, but the one we have chosen for today’s teenage and twenty something list is the Snickers Cupcake.  These are chocolate cupcakes filled with a caramel Snickers mixture topped with caramel butter cream and garnished with additional caramel sauce.  Sounds VERY rich, but kids would love them!

8. Burger cupcakes

The burger cupcake would go down a treat with any group of teenage boys!  These ones have been sliced in half and into the middle has gone a layer of yellow frosting, then a slice of chocolate cupcake, then red frosting then green sprinkles and topped with the other half of the vanilla cupcake!  The cupcake image is from Just One More Unlock.

9. Chanel Cupcakes

For the teenage girl that is into make up, then look no further than these cupcakes from Honey Child 311.  They are topped with blush brushes on one, another has a lipstick and another a makeup bag!  Of course you do not need to go Chanel as generic would work well with most teenage girls.

10. Pool Ball Cupcakes

For the teenage boy you cannot go past the pool ball cupcakes!  This idea is from the Hello Cupcake Book, but has been executed to perfection on the Sweet Elizabeth blog!  You can also use different flavors based on whether the balls are bigs (chocolate) or smalls (vanilla)!

11. DJ Cupcakes

Gillyflower Jewellery made super cool girl DJ cupcakes with brown records, pink inserts on a white fondant base and with brown fondant headphones on a pink fondant base!  They are awesome and would work for girls and boys if you swap around the colors.

12. Car Logo cupcakes

Is your son a Rev head?  If so you might want to take a peak at the Super Punch Blog where they have a round up of car logo cupcakes.  The main image contains Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Volkswagon, Mini, BMW, Audi and Porsche.  You could choose to go all of one or mix them up depending on their preference.

13. Designer Shoe Cupcakes

Perfect for all girls, are these designer shoe cupcakes from Hana Cupcakes.  Each cupcake is covered with a purple embossed butterfly layer of fondant on which the shoes sit.  The shoes have amazing details, as you can see here!

14. Muscial cupcakes

You will need to scroll down a bit on the MND Cakes blog to find these fantastic musical instrument cupcakes, which include a music book, a grand piano and a violin.  If you have a musical son or daughter these could be perfect for their birthday.

15. Science Cupcakes

These are super cool scientific cupcakes from Baking Monster.  Well actually they are red velvet cupcakes with white chocolate atom symbols on toothpicks.  Very nerdy but pretty awesome for the science studying young man or woman, plus they would taste wonderful!

16. Starcraft Cupcakes

Apparently there was, according to Cloth and Fodder a competition going on around the release of Starcraft II, (a popular computer game for teenage and young adult boys) to bake a Starcraft cupcake.  Well this is the best I have seen, it is a Zerg Hatchery with Drones collecting minerals and is surprisingly accurate in its level of detail!

17. Lets Rock Cupcakes!!

Dozen Flours brings us rock inspired cupcakes.  There are amplifiers and all sorts of guitars to inspire you.  They are made out of flat fondant and sit on top of the frosting.  If you have an icing pen you can even draw on strings, which would make them even more rad.

18. Party at a restaurant?

If you are having a celebration at a restaurant for your teen or young adult consider venue themed cupcakes.  You could create pizza cupcakes like the ones at the Off the Spork blog, or you could go with burgers, fries, pasta or whatever, even steak!

19. Glee Cupcakes

If your teenage girl is a fan of Glee then you cannot go past these fantastic cupcakes by The Gourmet Cupcake Company.  You could do them all with the same or a range as is shown in this image!  Of course don’t restrict yourself to Glee, any tv show could become the cupcake theme of your teenager’s next party.

20. Lets play sport

Sports cupcakes are another option that you can always fall back on for the sporting child whether boys or girls, you can go with the teams they support or follow, or for the teams that they play for.  Alternatively you can do a range like 4 Goodness Cake has done with their football, baseball, soccer and basketball cupcakes.

21. Cupcakes under construction

I love these cupcakes from Crumbs and Doilies in the UK.  They would suit any teenage boy if you varied the slogans to suit their likes and dislikes etc.  So for example I would make these based around the teenage bedroom, do not enter, site contaminated etc.  They would probably work best for the younger teenager.

22. Soft drink cupcakes

Soft drink cupcakes would go well at any teenager’s birthday party and these ones from 52 Cupcakes are so cool. There is also a recipe to go with them so you will be totally set to create some fizz!

23. Super bright cupcakes

If you cannot think of anything else you can go for super bright birthday cupcakes.  The ones at Picky Palate are vivid red, yellow, blue, purple and green and are so bright.  The thing with doing this for teenage kids is to ensure that you really do go super bright as light pale rainbows may not quite be cool enough!

24. Cartoon cupcakes

Now I don’t mean little kids cartoons but teen/young adult cartoons.  One that springs to mind is Watchmen, but there are several others.  At Exploring Berkeley they have created Watchmen cupcakes the prominent one being the comedian’s badge, which is the iconic yellow smiley face with a drip of blood on it.

25. Make it expensive

Well not really, these cupcakes I found on Spoon Fork and Ladle and are studded with diamonds.  Now I know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but hey, sugared diamonds would be just as great and will be edible and of course affordable!  The color scheme here is also perfect for a teen girl.

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Leah September 13, 2010 at 4:35 am

These cupcakes are amazing – I love the designer shoes, the pool balls – I love them all!
Leah´s last [type] ..Whale Cake – Lexis 2nd Birthday

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