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25 of the Best Baby Boy Cupcakes

by Sprinkles on July 3, 2010

These ideas are all PERFECT for either baby shower cupcakes or to celebrate the birth of the bouncing boy, or even for a baby boy’s 1st birthday!  In fact I wouldn’t even wait for one of these occasions to get creative with baby boy cakes!  There is so much to celebrate, first smile, first roll, first tooth, so many firsts, but be handy with the camera because on one of these firsts, you’ll certainly have first cupcake smeared all over your baby’s face!

These beautiful cupcakes above are hot out of the oven baked by our talented friend Nicola at La Creme Cupcake.  So cute!

25 Boy Baby Shower Cupcakes

1. Getting started with loads of variety
There is no shortage of choice and ideas on the fantastic DOMESTIC-FASHIONISTA website.  Ashley was given the task of creating for her sister in law’s baby shower and so went in search of inspiration and this is it.  There are blue and white with flowers, little boy babies tucked into bed, fondant bottles, duckies, stars, or a simple baby face with blue pacifier, mixed with blue and white star cupcakes! Skip forward in time, to see how Ashley’s turned out, I think they look great!

2. Adapt a large cake idea
On SQUIDOO you can find almost anything, even a whole heap of Baby Shower Cakes, including cupcakes.  The first cake you find, could easily be done as a cupcake, use light blue fondant to cover the top of your cupcake and then add little circle fondant to the top, sticking it down with some frosting.  On others make a little fondant turtle, by rolling and shaping the colors in your fingers.

3. Short on time?
Hello Cupcake
Sometimes you will just be caught out, not much time, but needing to pull off something fantastic.  Jessica at HELLO CUPCAKE did just that with her ‘It’s a Boy’ cupcake.  Although Jessica doesn’t go into how to do these on her website, you can achieve the same result by searching for a great font on the internet, try looking for ‘baby fonts’ and then create in Word or Photoshop your little saying, in this case ‘It’s a Boy’. Copy it a number of times to fill the page then print them out and adhere them to lollypop sticks.  They will personalize and spruce up any cake.  Of course you don’t need to limit yourself to writing, try little barnyard animal pictures as an alternative idea!

4. Clothes line cupcake toppers
Sweetly Sweet
Over at SWEETLY SWEET Lorell, has designed some fantastic little Baby Boy Cupcake toppers for your next baby shower.  She also sells these at her Etsy shop.  If you do not have the budget to purchase these, you can create something similar using scrapbook papers and layering them.  You can even find scrapbook paper, with baby images, so that you simply cut them out and paste them to another coordinated sheet.  Simple!

5. Baby Boy Bear Cakes
Little Bird Bakery
What could be more perfect for a new little boy than Teddy Bears!  At Claire’s blog, LITTLE BIRD BAKERY, she has put together a very cute sleepy blue teddy on top of lemon yellow, or alternatively see her other image which samples about ten or more different designs all in the theme of chocolate, blue, white and orange!  If you are going to go with lots of different cakes for your party, go with a color theme that connects each of the cakes to the ones around it as Claire has done.

6. Bottles, boys and blocks!
The Cupcake Blog
When you think of darling little boys, lots of the things that come to mind are all ‘b’ words!  Blocks, bottles, bats and balls would all be perfect to top off a baby boy’s cupcake.  These ones at the CUPCAKE BLOG are supplied by Piece of Cake Cupcakes.  They look great, no bats or balls, but babies instead!

7. Brightly colored cupcake tower
At PTITCHEF, they have created a tower of cupcakes, on top of which sits a cake, which asks ‘What are little boys made of?’ Around the sides she has used fondant stencils of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails.  The colors used are perfect vibrant blue, vivid green and sunshine yellow.  Of course you could do a variation of this and make little fondant frogs, snails or puppy tails, or print them as cake toppers.  Note if you are looking for a frosting recipe, this site also contains one!

8. Not just cupcakes
Oh My Handmade
Heather of Cookie Mondays specializes in the handmade and here she took on the challenge of providing advice on a baby shower.  The OH MY HANDMADE blog shows you the end result, including invites, flags and creative washcloth and baby spoon lollypops!  But don’t forget, the cupcakes, which alternated between chocolate and vanilla, and were topped with either blue or green sprinkles then topped with a silhouette or monogram.

9. Giant baby boy cupcake
Pink Cake Box
This is one monster boy cupcake, complete in blue and white polka dot wrapper with a giant rattle on top of the white frosting.  Along side the monster cupcake are some fantastic little cupcakes that would be simple to achieve at home, but create a bright colorful statement.  Simply make three batches of cupcakes the first batch being vanilla, the second chocolate and the third red velvet.  Make up three icing colors, at PINK CAKE BOX they used green, blue and yellow, then apply them to the top of each cupcake, ensuring that you can still see the cupcake under the icing!  These cupcakes are so fun and happy!

10. Cookies and cream baby shower cupcakes
NZ Cupcake Queen
So the NZ CUPCAKE QUEEN met her match with these cupcakes.  Her client wanted cookies and cream, yet making the frosting blue proved challenging.  She did however pull it off and topped each cupcake with chocolate hands or feet that she had prepared earlier.  To finish them off she sprinkled the cupcakes with blue, white, yellow and green star sprinkles.  The full combination kind of reminds me of kids finger painting!

11. A cupcake gene model
Coolest Baby Shower Idea
This idea would work brilliantly for boys or girls.  On COOLEST BABY SHOWER IDEA Julie’s friend was expecting twins so she wanted to do something that played with that idea as well as linking the parents into the design.  The result was her ‘Genes’ cupcakes.  The dad to be has blonde hair and the mom to be has red hair so she created twins of all different gender and combination, combining them in twos on the serving plates.  Of course you could achieve the same thing with only one baby.

12. Downloadable baby boy cake toppers
At ALPHAMOM, they do not only provide you with a great idea, but everything that you need to create your own baby shower.  Basically you just need a computer, printer and scissors.  The first thing you will see on this blog is the funky little elephant cake toppers.  Below the picture you can click to download the images.  With your cake toppers finished, it is simply a case of coordinating the rest of the decorations, each available to download.

13. Fondant babies and more
Creative Baby Shower Ideas
The team over at CREATIVE BABY SHOWER IDEAS have pulled together some fantastic cupcake ideas for you, including a step by step from Tammy H in Canada of how to make the all so cute fondant babies under blanket.  We really think this is worth checking out for anyone considering giving it a go.  But in addition they have cupcake baby shoes and very cute little yellow bear cupcake pins.

14. Duck shower cupcakes
Jamie of all Trades
These are adorable cupcakes that would suit boys or girls, but I think especially boys.  They are duck cupcakes, but are potentially a little simpler than making a full fondant duck to sit on top of the cupcake.  They require you to roll out the fondant in yellow and orange and using a circle cutter (or improvising in the kitchen) cutting big and small circles from the yellow.  Use a sharp knife to cut the beaks out of the orange, and a chocolate icing pen to draw the eyes and you have your duck cupcakes, just like those shown on JAMIE OF ALL TRADES blog.

15. Creating art
Cupcake Takes the Cake
Just because your cupcakes are small, does not mean that you cannot think big picture with your design.  Bath Baby Cakes made these beautiful cakes to celebrate the birth of a baby.  The nine cakes are arranged in such a way to create one large picture of a cherry blossom tree, with a little baby at the base.  It is simply stunning and can be viewed on the CUPCAKE TAKES THE CAKE blog.

16.  Time saver decorations
Easy Cupcakes
Sometimes no matter how much you want to do something ultra creative for a friend’s baby shower, you may not have the luxury of time.  If this is the case for you, EASY CUPCAKES shows how with just a little bit of effort you can create gorgeous little cupcakes using plastic toppers.  Making up a small batch of blue icing and piping on each cupcake can add a personal touch, should time allow you to do so.

17. Animal baby shower
The Party Dress
Got a hunch she is having a boy, but you are not quite sure?  Then maybe it would be safer to theme the party shower with baby animals, which although lean a little more towards the boy are so darn cute that it won’t matter either way!  There are three animals featured on THE PARTY DRESS blog that would be simple to copy at home.  Start by separating your fondant and adding color to it.  Roll out the colors then cut your circles for the faces.  Create the little added details with the other bits of fondant and use an icing pen to draw on the added details.

18. Step by step fun baby cupcakes
Taste and Tell Blog
The Baby Shower Cupcakes on the TASTE AND TELL BLOG are just fabulous.  The image on each cupcake is of a little baby face sucking on a pacifier.  They have given step-by-step instructions on how to create them yourself, commencing at the point when your cupcakes are cooked.  I adore the idea of making the pacifier pull out of a fruit tingle.

19. More baby faced cupcakes
Grin and Bake it
If the cupcakes on the Taste and Tell Blog are just a little too difficult to achieve, then try these ones on the GRIN AND BAKE IT blog.  They are similar, but instead of creating a pacifier, they just use chocolate to create the baby’s cute features.  They mix them up at the end with lovely frosted blue cupcakes.

20. Getting funky with fondant
Bewitched Kate
If you are able to style with fondant, Kate provides heaps of ideas on her blog BEWITCHED KATE.  There are angel babies, sleeping babies, happy babies, crying and giggly babies.  All of them however are cute babies and perfect for the top of any cupcake!

21. Diaper cupcakes
Beautiful Baby Showers
Now I do not mean a cupcake or cake made out of diapers, but rather a cupcake that is decorated with diaper fondant.  This is a great idea because you don’t even have to color your fondant before getting started.  The BEAUTIFUL BABY SHOWERS blog will show you how in four simple steps to make the diaper, then it is just a matter of piping on your safety pin!  Fancy baby cupcakes could not be simpler than this!

22. Baby boys
Coco Cupcakes
As you know, babies are happy one minute then crying the next.  Sometimes they are angry, and sometimes they are just daydreaming.  Well why not share their emotions on your cupcake for the next baby shower you do.  They are very simple to create and very effective.  At COCO CUPCAKES, they have combined the baby faces with building blocks cupcakes that spell out the word baby.  By putting a big baby face cake in the centre, it creates one awfully cute baby shower display.

23. Totoro cupcakes
A Cat in the Kitchen
Have you ever watched those amazing Japanese anime movies that feature Totoro?  Well I adore them, the imagination and creativity in those films are stunning, and as a result I love Totoro.  Here A CAT IN THE KITCHEN shows how to make Apple and Maple cupcakes topped with little Totoros.  They are so adorable that they will make a gorgeous addition to a boy’s baby shower even if you do not know who Totoro is!

24. For the professional
Le Cupcake
If you are going to get your cupcakes done professionally, you definitely need to check out this idea from LE CUPCAKE.  On three caramel mud cakes you have Nemo and his friends.  They are fantastic and would be perfect for a baby shower or alternatively a first birthday for a little boy.

25. Baby boy baptism cupcakes
Clever Cupcakes
The final boy baby shower cupcakes we have today are actually a bit different.  CLEVER CUPCAKES thought up this design for a Greek Orthodox Baptism party.  Here she has created two cakes one with chocolate frosting and one with a blue colored vanilla frosting, on top of the chocolate she has used fondant cut flowers and the other an edible image.  They look great and show that you can keep it traditional while still having your cupcakes themed.
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Thank you for such a long list of helpful cupcake resources! Don’t forget Dress My Cupcake for a great way to dress up your naked cupcake. Especially with our baby shower cupcake wrappers.


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