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25 Birthday Party Animal Cupcake Ideas

by Sprinkles on September 4, 2010

Farmyard animal cupcakes by Bella Cupcakes

“Mummy, I want <insert favorite animal> on my birthday cupcakes”

Normally my answer would be, “sorry sweetie, I want gets nothing!”, but it is after all a birthday and birthdays are magic and with so many talented people out there coming up with millions of cupcake ideas, the answer should really be, “why not!”

So why not indeed, we have a list here that includes dogs, cats, monkeys, tigers, ducks, turtles and fish!  So hopefully we should have something to inspire everyone!  So grab a cup of tea, a cupcake and pull up your chair, but be ready to smile, there is an awful lot of very very cute and adorable cupcakes in this installment!

1. Farm Animal Party

AWWWWWWWWW… I so want these for my next birthday, they are SO cute!  Bella Cupcakes has created pigs, cows, sheep and horses for this farmyard birthday bash and they are adorable!  I love Vanessa’s work and I can just imagine how long these would have taken to create, too good to eat!  The photo of these cupcakes is our feature photo above.

2. Scottie Dog Cupcakes

The Cupcake Blog brings another fantastic Flickr find to us in the form of these adorable little Scottie Dogs.  The dogs are made out of flat rolled fondant so by creating a guide you should be able to make them at home.  Pipe on a collar in another colour and his little eyes and nose then use a silver ball to give him a tag.

3. Turtle Cupcake

I just want to start every review with ‘awww’ because all of these cupcakes are so cute.  I am changing the title of this post from birthday animals to adorable birthday animals!  This turtle cupcake comes from Cupcake Journal and features a fondant turtle and some little flowers.

4. Twitter Cupcakes

These would make a great birthday cupcake for a teenager as well as for someone who loves birds.  Bakerella has made these Twitter inspired cupcakes by using super blue cupcake wrappers, food dye to make the cupcake blue and then topping them with blue fondant and a little white bird.  Either paint on some swirls or pipe them on along with a dot for an eye.

5. Bunny Rabbits and Chickens

Okay so Bunnies and Chicks are usually associated with Easter and indeed this is an Easter post that I have found for you, but there is no need to limit your Bunny creating to this one part of the year, little girls and boys love rabbits, especially thanks to Benjamin Bunny!  Sweet Things has made these gorgeous cupcakes with sugarpaste.

6. Dinosaur Birthday Cupcakes

More adorable cupcakes, this time from A Baked Creation where they have these really cute dinosaur cupcakes created out of all different colours of fondant and in a number of styles including a Brontosaurus, a fossil, a volcano, a Pterodactyl a Triceratops and these Stegosauruses we feature here.

7. Frog cupcakes

At the Sweetest Bee, they have some of the cutest frog cupcakes I have ever come across.  They are simple but so very effective and I love love LOVE the long tongue with the fly on the end!

8. Swallows, Owls and Blue Birds

The Artisan Cake Company has the lot!  Loads of little birds for you to look at and admire, however some look quite tricky to create at home, especially the gold dusted blue ones!  However if you are looking for bird cupcakes you absolutely need to check these out for ideas!

9. Blue elephants?

Most certainly they are pale blue elephants covered in white polka dots with ribbons above their heart ears and marching proudly across the vanilla buttercream.  These are absolutely adorable!  These cuppies were created by Wonderful Wide World of Cupcakes for a little girl who loves, yup you guessed it! Blue Elephants with polka dots.

10. More Farm Animal Cupcakes

This time they are from Blue Cupcake and are equally as adorable but very different to those featured earlier in our list.  There are pigs, ducks, cows and horses, each on top of a green grassy cupcake.

11. Wormy squirmy cupcakes

The worms always appear around Halloween, but I think they deserve more credit than that, so here they are in our animal cupcake list.  These cupcakes are from Pretty Foods but are shown on the Cutest Food blog.  The cupcakes are chocolate and the worms are those sugared sour ones. Yum!

12. Kitty cat cupcakes

Unfortunately I don’t understand almost anything that is written on this blog because it is not in English, however it is abundantly clear that this woman has serious talent when it comes to cupcake decoration.  These cats must be some of the most sweet of fondant cupcake toppers I have ever seen!

13. Nemo fishy cupcakes

Who doesn’t love Finding Nemo?  Even though it came out years ago the kids, even our older ones will still settle themselves happily in front of the tv to watch it again.  So if you are ever stuck for ideas, then maybe a little Nemo fish is the way to go.  These were created by Coco Cake Cupcakes.

14. A wee Mouse cupcake

Well actually this mouse isn’t that little, and proved very difficult to eat, as shown in the images on Cupcake Takes the Cake.  But I love the idea of a mouse with cheese on a cupcake and find it so refreshing to find one that isn’t a Mickey Mouse cupcake!

15. Pink Elephants will not be out done!

So I had the little blue elephant before, so now it is time for a little pink elephant.  While the little blue girl was flat (well most of them), you will find that little miss pink is made 3D from her fondant.  She is simply amazing and lying on top of the cupcake she looks too cute to eat!  She comes from a blog called Personalized Cake Toppers.

16. Little spider

There are loads of spider cupcakes out there, most of them a little creepy and sinister ready for Halloween.  So I wanted to find one that was not at all spooky and was more, well… friendly.  And I found this one on the Sweet Daze blog.  It is a beautiful happy spider by AbbieTabbie.

17. Snowy little penguin cupcakes

Over at Puppy Bunny Guinea Pretty blog they have a step by step including recipe to make a penguin cupcake.  The information I believe has been adapted from the blog Our Best Bites, to which there is a link.  I will have to try this one out when winter rolls back around!

18. Rubber ducky I love you!

Kitchen Mischief has taken to the cupcake creation like ducks on water, with this collection of little duckies.  For her first time using fondant, and a home made recipe at that, I think these little yellow guys are a quacking success!

19. Unbearlievable! There are no bear cupcakes yet!

That’s okay, I’ll bear the responsibility and make up for it with this and the next one in the list.  These are Panda Bear cupcakes from Once Upon A Cupcake, and can be purchased from their shop.  I think they look super!

20. I come bearing flowers

This is a more traditional bear cupcake, in that he is brown, but that is as far as it goes, he is not really grizzly, no, he is actually very cute and adorable.  Plus no mean big bad grizzly bear would come forth with a big bunch of pretty flowers!  I mean, what would the other bears say?  Thanks to I Love Cupcakes for this design!

21. Grrrrr – me tiger, hear me roar

These cupcakes from the Forensic Baker would be so perfect if the footy team that has the tiger as its mascot could string a few games together.  Of course I am talking Australian Rules Football, aka aerial ping pong!  Not likely though, finals are here and it is magpies, doggies, saints, and cats, which make the top four.   Note these have no fondant, so give them a go!

22. For all sorts of animal cupcakes

It is very difficult to go past Hello Cupcake, who has created many fantastic different animal cupcakes.  You no doubt have already seen these little Schnauzer cupcakes before, but as they are just so good and everything that Alan and Karen create looks so easy I had to link to their site!  The list wouldn’t be complete without them!

23. Butterfly cupcakes

Yes the pretty butterfly has long been a staple of cupcake parties around the world, with the wings made out of icing!  I remember them from when I was a little girl and they just seemed so amazing to me at the time!  These cupcakes are from Muse of the Moment’s blog, which contains a wrap of cupcakes.  The wings are made from sugar and look sensational!

24. Buzzy baby bee cupcakes

Wow these cupcakes from Baking on Cloud 9 are simply amazing.  I love her little buzzy fondant bees!  There is a recipe provided for the little cuppies too if you want to try and create them yourself!

25. What animal to finish on?

Well what else?  If we couldn’t get away with a bit of Monkey business now, we never will be able to!  So it is fitting to finish our list with some monkey cupcakes from the very talented ladies at MnD Cakes.  Ohhhh I want them!

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Becki September 8, 2010 at 5:35 am

Wow! So much talent in one post – these are all adorable cupcakes!! I’ll have a smile on my face (and a sweet tooth acting up something fierce!) all morning – thanks for sharing.

Found you through WAHM.com
Becki´s last [type] ..Joys of Technology

Camala - CC Recipe September 8, 2010 at 9:26 am

These are all soooo adorable, I can’t pick my favorite, thanks for sharing!
Camala – CC Recipe´s last [type] ..Moon Pie Banana Pudding

Alice September 14, 2010 at 12:02 am

Thank you for featuring my cupcake! :D

gg October 14, 2010 at 7:52 pm

really nice! how patient…very beautiful cupcakes…how i wish i can try it too.
gg´s last [type] ..By- Alice

lenny November 12, 2010 at 6:50 am

hi, i am lenny i like some ur cupcake ^^ all look brilliant can u teach me step by step how to do the fondant ingrediant and also how to use the fondant to do the duck and some animals ? to my e mail thanks u so much

natalie April 27, 2012 at 6:19 pm

love it!

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